Our goal is to provide children with leisure activities that will entertain them and teach them new skills at the same time. Children can develop their capacities and shape their personality in their leisure time. We want to offer children the opportunity to spend their free time actively, to learn something new and enjoy the newly gained experience.


Said about us

“I was very pleased with the workshops, I will be very happy if I can contact you next time again.” Michaela Krebsová, ČSOB

„I wanted to thank you for a very professional preparation and guidance of the workshop. The kids loved it.“ Blanka Zirnsáková, ZŠ Meteorologická

„Animators at our wedding were incredible, lovely, children listened to them all the time and all activities were perfectly prepared. Even though there were age differences between the children, they all had fun and enjoyed all activities. All parents were very pleased.“  Klára Veličková, client

„Programme was very well done. Thank you for it.“ Markéta Bouchalová, Music festival Berounské letorosty

“Our café cooperates with Artis kroužky in the long term and we are very satisfied. Clubs and workshops are popular with our guests, I appreciate both their kind and playful approach to children, and the original content “ Petra Švrčková, Halabala baby & café

“The biggest stunner for my children was facepainting. Creating and decorating gingerbread cookies was lovely as well. Great satisfaction and once again thank you very much. I will be glad to recommend you and call again.” Renata Šebestová, client


Our team that prepares workshops and takes care of the organization of clubs:


Katerina Rasova


* main coordinator of events and clubs, instructor of the Creative plays

* graduate of the Bilingual Czech-French section of The  Jan Neruda Gymnasium

* seven years of artistic creation in Mgr. I. Sladek’s studio in Lysolaje

* Facepainting certified course from Bodyart Academy

* First Aid certified course of first aid for children and infants


Emilie Kucerova

emi * student of The Arabska Gymnasium with focus on Lifesciences

* instructor of summer camps for children

* animator on events for children

* player of the transverse flute, pole dance and latin dancer



Anna Zemanova

anicka* student of The U Libenskeho zamecku Gymnasium

* instructor of workshops and summer camps for children

* animator on birthday parties and other events

* player of the violin



Katerina Vrankova

image-1* student of The Johannes Kepler Gymnasium

* several years of experiences as an instructor of childrens’ clubs and summer camps

* teacher of the piano and musical lessons for kids

* animator on birthday parties, facepainting



Eliska Lintymerova

eli* student of The University of Economics

* babysitting, facepainting on birthday parties and other events

* professional latin dancer




Anna Vachova

aniv* student of The Omska Gymnasium

* experience in organization of children events for the handball club HC Haje

* animator on birthday parties, facepainting